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Overview of ventilation ducts
- Jul 10, 2018 -

Ventilation ducts are a municipal infrastructure that circulates air and reduces the concentration of harmful gases. Ventilation pipes, plates, profiles and other main finished materials used in the manufacture and installation of air ducts shall comply with the current national standards for design and related products, and shall be subject to the factory inspection certificate. Materials shall be accepted and accepted according to the relevant national standards. Ventilation pipes are divided according to materials: generally: steel duct (ordinary steel), galvanized sheet (white iron) duct, stainless steel ventilation tube, glass steel ventilation tube, plastic ventilation tube, composite material ventilation tube, color steel sandwich insulation board ventilation tube , double-sided aluminum foil insulation ventilation pipe, single-sided color steel insulation air pipe, rubberized cloth ventilation pipe (such as mine air duct), mining plastic ventilation pipe, etc.;