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Shelf equipment development
- Jul 10, 2018 -

In 2008, there were about 120 industrial shelf production enterprises in China. According to incomplete statistics, China’s storage shelf manufacturers have climbed to nearly 300 in 2011, and the warehousing industry is continuing to develop!

In 2005, the output value of the shelf was about 1.2 billion yuan, which was the growth of the shelf industry compared with previous years;

In 2006, the output of the shelves increased by more than 40% compared with 2005, but the output value was not much higher than that in 2005. The total market value of the shelf market was about 1.8 billion yuan. In 2007, the total output was about 320,000 tons, and the output value was about 3 billion yuan. In 2008, the output of the automatic warehouse (AS/RS) will be the same as that of 2007. Due to the steel price factor, the output value of the shelves will increase by 1.25%; The output of its expanded shelves and shelf shelves will increase by 1.2% compared with 2007. The output value will increase by 1.25% due to steel price factors.

In 2009, the output of the shelves increased by 1.48% compared with that of 2009, which was affected by the economic crisis in 2008 and was relatively flat;

In 2010, due to the steel price factor increase of 1.21%, the shelf manufacturers around the country showed a trend of development. In 2010 alone, more than 50 shelf manufacturers were added, and the shelf output value will reach a new high;

In 2011, steel prices increased by 1.5% compared with 2009. Large enterprises around the world highly recommend automation for the modern warehousing of goods.

The independent export of shelves began in 2000, mainly through the agency of foreign trade companies.