Indoor Mushroom Growing System

Indoor Mushroom Growing System

RH Indoor mushroom growing system Growing The markets demands a good quality product. A good performing mushroom farm is a must to achive good quality mushrooms. Christiaens builds for many years mushrooms farms from basic to luxury and from small to big. Building Christiaens designs the total...

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Product Details

Mushroom rack is made of steel mesh and widely used in mushroom growing process. It can be customized as client's request. How to make a shelf for mushroom grow ? It has request, different mushroom type ,different wire mesh ,Of course, the mushroom shelf choice is also based on your mushroom growing room area .

As usual, due to the high humidity in your mushroom growing room, the wire mesh surface is finished by hot galvanized. A mushrooms shelf life own 10 year lifetime , even longer.

Our mushroom growing racks are available for all applications and in various dimensions and designs such as:
a.For hand picking and mechanical harvesting
b.All number of shelves
c.With sturdy side boards
d.With or without picking lorry rail or hoisting beams
e.With stainless steel fastening materials
f.Supply of an easy and clear assembly instruction
g.Delivery up to your farm possible
h.Spare parts available
i.Supervision during assembly if required.

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