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Cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus with uncooked materials
- Jun 20, 2018 -

1, strains breeding, select excellent strains 

2.Activation of strains and preparation of first-stage strains

Strain activation: The mycelium of Pleurotus Ostreatus was inoculated to the medium of PDA slant for activating culture, 20-25 ℃ under the condition of constant temperature culture, waiting for the mycelium to be long and inclined.

Preparation of a class: The activated strains transferred to the PDA on the inclined plane, 20-25 ℃ conditions under the constant temperature culture, made to a first-class strain.

3. Two-stage strain preparation

Solid Media: Corn cob 55%, sawdust 30%, bran 10%, corn flour 5%, gypsum 1%, lime 1%

Medium Preparation: Two-stage culture medium is prepared according to two-stage medium, water content is 55%-60%, bottle-high pressure steam sterilization standby.

Inoculation culture: The long and good strains of the first class to intercept the same size of bacteria quickly inoculated into solid two-class culture medium, 25 ℃ conditions under constant temperature culture.

4. Three-stage strain preparation

Solid Media: Corn cob 77%, bran 20%, Quicklime 1%, Gypsum 1%, sugar 1%

Medium Preparation: Three-stage culture medium was prepared according to three-stage culture medium, water content was 55%-60%, bag high-pressure steam sterilization, standby. Inoculation culture: The long good two solid strains are connected to the dry weight 500g bacteria bag, the water content of the bag is 60%, and the inoculation quantity is one bag after each bottle.

Constant temperature culture under 20-25℃ condition.

5. Production of mushroom bag (raw material cultivation)

Cultivation bag formula: Corn cob 80%, bran 15%, Quicklime 4%, Gypsum 1%, Carbendazim 0.1%

Preparation of raw material culture medium: The bacterial bag was prepared according to the culture Bag medium formula, and the water content 55-60%.

Inoculation culture: Will the long good three strains, 10% inoculation quantity inoculation to the raw material cultivation bag species, the hair bacterium culture, 25-30 days after the mycelium grows good, carries on the mushroom management, observes records each variety the quality and the output. The process of cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus is relatively simple, the mushroom bag does not need to be sterilized, pleurotus ostreatus with alkali resistance, using quicklime to improve ph control of the rate of infection, but not excessive, when the ph value of more than 10 will affect the inhibition of normal mycelial growth, so add 4% of quicklime, so that the ph value of the culture in about 8-10 can, The role of gypsum in the cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus is to increase calcium, stabilize ph value, and increase the growth of mycelium.