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Planter Maintenance Method
- Jul 10, 2018 -

(1) The planter should fill the oil injection points in time before work to ensure that the running parts are fully lubricated. Missing or damaged parts should be replenished, replaced and repaired in time. Be careful not to apply oil to the gears or chains to avoid sticking to the soil and increase wear.

(2) The working length of each row of seed wheels is equal and the displacement is consistent. The broadcast adjustment mechanism is flexible and there must be no sliding or air movement.

(3) The disc opener disc is flexible to rotate, and must not be shaken, and does not rub against the opener body.

(4) Before and after work, the soil of each part should be cleaned, especially the soil and oil on the transmission system should be removed.

(5) After the end of each shift, the fertilizer in the fertilizer tank should be cleaned to prevent the fertilizer from corroding the fertilizer tank and the fertilizer discharge site. Check if the seed shaft and the fertilizer shaft are flexible.

(6) After each shift, the planter should be parked in a dry, covered shed. When parking in the open air, the fertilizer box should be tightly closed. When the container is parked, the opener is lowered, and the support is lowered to stabilize the body, so that unnecessary load is reduced on the frame of the planter.