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Planter's Precautions
- Jul 10, 2018 -

1. Check whether the seeding parts are defective before use, whether there is any foreign matter in the seed box, and oiling the parts to be oiled;

2, before the spring sowing should be prepared for vulnerable mechanical parts, so as not to delay planting, delay farming time. The seeds must be dry and clean, and do not contain debris such as straw and stones, so as to avoid blocking the seeding mouth and affect the quality of the seeding. When sowing seeds, the seeds should be carefully selected, otherwise the quality of the seeding will be affected.

3. Do a single port flow test to ensure accurate seeding;

4. Prepare for seeding. When planting, we must grasp the matters of sowing, turning, and work. The planting machinery should try to avoid parking when working. When parking must be stopped, in order to prevent the phenomenon of “broken strips”, the planter should be raised, retracted for a distance, and then planted. . When descending the planter, the tractor is to be carried out slowly.

5. When starting work, the hydraulic control handle should be placed in a floating position.

6. Pay attention to safety during operation to prevent safety accidents;

7. Maintenance of tools and cleaning of debris during operation should be carried out with the unit being parked and stabilized.

8. When parking is adjusted, the machine power should be cut off.

9. The machine is not allowed to reverse or turn in the working state. .