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Planter Speed Width
- Jul 10, 2018 -

The operating speed of grain seed drills is generally 10 to 12 km / h, and some models can reach 15 to 16 km / h; the width of a single machine is generally 6 to 7 m.

The operation speed of the hole drilling machine is generally 8-10 km/h, and some models can reach 11-12 km/h; the single machine width is generally 6-9 m (8-12 rows), and some models can reach 12 Meter (16 lines).

In order to increase the width of the unit, 3 to 5 planters can be connected in parallel, so that the total width of the grain stripping unit can reach 12 to 15 meters or even wider.

However, the actual working width depends on the traction power that the tractor can exert at higher working speeds. The hanging planter is also limited by the lifting capacity of the tractor suspension.